Do Vegans Have Better Sex?

In short, the answer is YES. Here’s why:

You may have heard celebrities including the likes of Pamela Anderson and “baby vegan” Porsha Williams of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, along with others proclaim sex to be more enjoyable after committing to plant based vegan diets.

Notable reflections of enjoyment during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities including the male erection, increased heart rate, nipple tingling, vaginal area throbbing, etc. are all dependent on one thing: blood flow.

These reactions are the direct result of heavy blood flow rushing to more sensitive areas of the body. Heavy consumption of meat and dairy is known to clog arteries and reduce healthy blood flow. On a general basis a vegan lifestyle including a daily plant based diet is healthier than not, which in many cases leads to healthier, stronger blood flow. This in turn leads those experiencing more robust blood flow than their non-vegan peers to
see sex as more enjoyable and more sensational.

Free vegan libido boosting smoothie recipe coming soon:

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