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How We Started:

My Story:

Despite years of being nauseated by the idea of eating animals, I continued eating them and every junk food in sight, accumulating more than 30lbs in unwanted weight gain. This unhealthy lifestyle begin to seriously affect my physical and spiritual health. No longer could I bare these impurities. Veganism ultimately proved to be a critical part of my healing, and I lost 45lbs.

I began meeting so many others who were also seeking healing, and they believed veganism was the answer. However, they were discouraged and would often tell me, “I don’t even know where to start.” And thus, “SAY WHEN: A Vegan Cookbook & Health Guide by Joy Jones” was born.

This 60 page cookbook is great for newly transitioning vegan, those looking for healthy and sustainable weight loss tips, and existing vegans wanting to spice up their rotation. I lost 45lbs going vegan. I can’t wait to see what going vegan does for you.

black woman author of say when a vegan cookbook and health guide wearing colorful kente cloth wrap with fruit on head

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